How to Choose the Right Mehndi Designs For Your Wedding

A simple mehndi design with simple floral designs is considered to be the best form of mehndi. There are so many different styles of Mehndi available in the market. One can choose a mehndi design to match the wedding dress. A bride can apply mehndi over her shoulder or sitting on the edge of the table while eating her meal. Most women prefer this simple mehndi design.


Indian Mehndi designs are rich in patterns and designs. They are filled with various ways of flowers, chocolates, and beads with intricate detailing.  These designs are versatile and straightforward, which is why there is ample scope for creativity.

The simple mehndi design has been used for centuries. The use of this pattern is associated with religious ceremonies in most Hindu temples. The mehndi design is known for bringing prosperity to the people who wear it. It is believed that the wearer of this flower will receive good luck and love from god. In some traditions, the mehndi consider bringing peace and good health to the person wearing the floral pattern.

The mehndi design or floral sketch is usually done in the form of a five-sided image. Image courtesy of an artist can be drawn on the right side with a left to right strokes, while the opposite image can be drawn on the left using right to left strokes. The idea should be emphasized by careful coordination between the right and left strokes. This combination gives a sense of attraction to the mehndi patterns.

The mehndi design should not be cut on the actual flower because it will lose the essence of its beauty. Instead, a mehndi paste should be applied over the mehndi pattern to preserve the flower's beauty. A paste of raw sugar, almonds, and water is a famous traditional mehndi paste. Another kind of paste is made of yogurt and decorated with fresh fruits and almonds. These mehndi patterns are considered to be rich in fertility and good luck.

Various mehndi designs have emerged in recent times, giving a more comprehensive range of options to women. However, before opting for a particular mehndi design, it is essential to choose one according to your tastes and preferences. It should also complement your appearance and lifestyle. Some people prefer intricate designs, while some go for simplicity, while some people like simple mehndi patterns that add to their attire's charm. The designs come wide from simple to intricate, vibrant to demure, colorful to sober. The choice of designs depends on the overall appeal and the richness of your personality.


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Yes all the mehandi design are good but one can choose their design according to their personality.